*Best care for your loved pets*

Welcome, my name is Linda and I am the founder of BO cat, house sitter and BO dog walking service. We are a professional animal care company, and we offer tailor made service for every loved pet. We are dogwalkers where every breed is welcome. 

Animals are the center of our life, and we could not live without them! We have gained a lot of experienced throughout the years, so your pets will be in the best of hands!

We are offering our services in Wassenaar. Katwijk. Valkenburg. Rijnsburg. Oegstgeest centre.

Cat care at home

Why a sitter at home? Cats prefer to stay in their own environment; and to be spoiled at home be a gentle caregiver, who does not like this? Cats can experience a lot of stress having to stay in a pension or even leaving their home, and this can influence their behavior deeply. We will pass by your house every day and make sure the cat is calm and taken care of! Every cat gets attention and the needed care. There has not been one cat we have seen unhappy in the absence of it's family while on holiday.

How does it work? Before we start any project, I the owner of Bo Linda, will pass by your home for an acquaintance. The family can tell me all the wishes for the pet, and if you decide to use our services, we will fillout some registration forms and we will both sign a key agreement. Of course, this meeting is free of charges and you are not obliged to accept our services.

The care: As soon as you leave on holiday, We will (most of the time), come by the house the next day. We will take our time with the cat and give him/her some personal attention. We will clean the litter and make sure there is no mess around it. We will clean the food- water bowls and of course refill them according to what we have discussed in our first meeting. We will make sure the mailbox is cleaned out and take care of a hygiene situation in the rooms where the cats mostly reside.


Cats may also have specific medical needs like pills or even injections, like for example when they suffer of diabetes. This is no problem for us at all, We even have the experience of having to place fluids. As long as you make sure the medication is in the house, your cat is in good hands with me.

Dog walking service

Do you have sometimes lack time in walking your dog because of your busy schedule?? Your dog has a lot of energy? Then Bo is the right place for your dog ! also evening walks or weekend walks possible.

 a walk with a lot of love and attention! every breed is welcome !

What type of dog? A walk is suitable for any social dog. a lot attention and love during the walks. Every breed is welcome. We do also individual walks, often it concerns older dogs or puppies, or dogs who are not used to walk in a large group. Not social dog, or dogs they do not listen well.

Where do we walk? Your dog will be picked up from your house and returned tired and happy. We can take your dog to the beach, the hills or the forest. For the individual walks we can walk in your own neighborhood, which is the most trusted area for your dog. Of course, if it rains, your dog will be dried off before entering your home. We will make sure the dogs drink sufficiently during the walks and in times of extreme heat we will stay in shaded areas like the forest.

How does it work? I will also pass by your house to get acquainted with your family and the dog. This way, we will all meet each other in a trusted environment. We will set up the most crucial details,and if you decide to use my services, we will fill out the registration form, and possibly the transfer of your house keys. Of course a separate contract here fore will be signed by both parties. This way, the walks will run smoothly and you can leave your house without having to worry about a thing! After every walk, I will let you know how it went and I can send you videos and/or pictures if wanted.


In-home- Pet sitter

- Trusted in-home pet sitter - Do you have more than 3 dogs, a small farm or large villa that you don't want to leave uninhabited during your vacations? Do you like that all animals stay together during your absence? then you can also choose to have a pet sitter in your home. The costs quite a lot if you want to boarding 1 dog somewhere during your vacation, and that can be high in the costs if you have several dogs. Isn't it a nice idea if your dog(s) can stay at home and that your house isn't left uninhabited? A caring pet sitter who takes care of your pets in their own familiar environment without having to worry about your house and pets. Curious? feel free to send all your questions, and let us know which period is involved and which place you live.


Linda is a kind and caring pet sitter.  She looked after our cat during our summer vacation.  She kept us updated with messages and photos.  We had no concerns.  We returned to a happy, well-cared cat. We highly recommend her for your pets.

Linda heeft uitstekend voor mijn katten gezorgd! Ze stuurde elke dag een foto/video en berichtje om te laten weten hoe het met ze ging. Alles super schoon achtergelaten. Ik kan nu zorgeloos op vakantie gaan dankzij Linda's geweldige en lieve zorgen. Echt aan te bevelen

Linda took care of our two cats while we were on holiday. Everything went well, and we came home to two happy and relaxed cats - and a lovely gift of a cat toy and cat treats from Linda! We loved seeing the daily photos and will absolutely use Linda when we go away from now on!

Linda walked with our dog when I had to work, and she enjoyed doing it. She knows well how to walk a dog and can handle our strong big dog well. I highly recommend Linda. Reliable and experienced.